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摘要: Journal NameManuscript TitleDear Editor,Thank you for your useful comments and suggestions on the language and structure of our manuscript.We have modified the manuscript accordingly, and detailed cor ...
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<Manuscript Title>
Dear Editor,
Thank you for your useful comments and suggestions on the language and structure of our manuscript.
We have modified the manuscript accordingly, and detailed corrections are listed below point by point:

1) In its current state, the level of English throughout your manuscript does not meet the journal's
required standard. Authors have the responsibility to present their papers in good English
which can be understood by the journal's readership without difficulty.

􀀹 We have revised the WHOLE manuscript carefully and tried to avoid any grammar or
syntax error. In addition, we have asked several colleagues who are skilled authors of
English language papers to check the English. We believe that the language is now
acceptable for the review process.

2) Please note that your abstract (250 words) has exceeded the maximum length of 150 words for
research articles in this journal.

􀀹 The abstract has been revised and its word count is now 149.

3) Figures should be cited in sequential order in the main text. In your manuscript, Fig. 6 is
provided but not cited. Please check and revise accordingly.

􀀹 Now all figures are provided and cited in sequence in the main text.

4) A cover letter should include the following statement: the manuscript has not been previously
published, is not currently submitted for review to any other journal, and will not be submitted
elsewhere before a decision is made by this journal. This is not seen in your cover letter.

􀀹 The required information is now included in the cover letter.

5) The manuscript, including references, figure captions and tables, should be typewritten in
uniform lettering and sizing, and with double spacing throughout.

􀀹 We now have used uniform lettering and sizing throughout the manuscript, with
double spacing.

6) Please note that the reference style must conform strictly to the journal’s Guide for Authors.
To specify one problem in the reference list provided, journal names are not abbreviated and
page span not provided.

􀀹 We have checked all the references and formatted them strictly according to the Guide
for Authors. Especially, journal names have been abbreviated and page span provided.

The manuscript has been resubmitted to your journal. We look forward to your positive response.






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